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Name: Heleen     Date: 7 May 2006, Time: 21:19

Message: Hello Marcel,
Finally had a look to your site, looks nice with all those photo's, really AMAZING!!!!! I am anxious to know when the photo's of the latest years will be added, will watch again at that time.
Greetings out of Tilburg, Heleen.

Name: Noortje v Kamer     Date: 9 December 2004, Time: 22:29

Message: Hej Marcel!!
What a mighty site you have! Inspirational. Thank you for teaching me how to spin plates in Pijnacker, Juggling Festival. I will show you on a following juggling festival what I am spinning now...
And I have made up for the first time an act with Chinese plates, also special...
Noortje v Kamer
from Amersfoort
Now you know who I am, don't you?
The fair-haired.

Name: Stu Stoner     Date: 1 July 2004, Time: 11:55

Message: Hello, Marcel!
Heard that you had a website from a co-worker here at Valley Green (US) and got the URL from Hans van Woensel in Den Bosch. Hans says you are world famous in Den Bosch
You seem like a man of many talents! Very interesting website!
best regards
Stu Stoner

Name: Wil     Date: 13 July 2003, Time: 09:47

Message: Hello Marcel,
Really successful, that evening in Den Bosch past June. The photos tell their own story! All sorts of action and smiling faces.
Thanks and see you,

Name: Ton     Date: 21 April 2003, Time: 15:35

Message: Very special

Name: Pam     Date: 6 December 2002, Time: 11:49

Message: Hello Amazing Marcel, how nice to see you on an amazing nice site. And all those amazing impressive photos and stories. Nice!!!!!!
Pam en Hugo.

Name: Carla     Date: 1 November 2002, Time: 16:55

Message: Now, now, your own website, guestbook and fanclub: When will be your first TV-performance? Perhaps, you could also put a DVD on the market! Good luck!

Name: Soesja     Date: 2 October 2002, Time: 12:19

Message: Howj all, here I am again. The site has made a lot of progress since my last visit. Nice all those photos! The TJD was PERFECT! Please visit one time the homepages from the 2 jeugdcircus Rotjeknor artists.

Name: Rein     Date: 1 October 2002, Time: 21:56

Message: Look here and vote!!!!

Name: Marije     Date: 14 May 2002, Time: 19:59

Message: Heeeellloooo Happy site!!! But I miss the amazing mix. And how can I join the fan club?
bye-bye, Marije

Name: Alex     Date: 6 April 2002, Time: 20:04

Message: Ha the Marcel, you and your fans should know that I've made a website for the TILBURGS JONGLEERFESTIVAL. So please add to the link page.
Regards, Alex

Name: Ruben (that long one...)     Date: 15 March 2002, Time: 14:18

Message: IT'S AMAZING, CAN'T BE DONE!!!!! Hi Marcel, it's nice you have a site, hadn't seen it before! Are you in the mood for the festival season??? I'll see you on the NJC, EJC etc. For now the very best and Become Amazing, Be Amazing and Stay Amazing!!!!
Regards from the far Leiden. CIAO

Name: Ebbo van Lieshout     Datum 9 March 2002, Time: 22:10

Message: Finally I found your site. Looks professional, I need to learn something before I am that far with the site from Klein Circus Hoeps. It could give some more info about the performances, but your site is not yet finished so...
Impressive how you are busy with it. I'll put in any case a link in my site.

Name: Richard     Date: 8 March 2002, Time:07:49

Message: Nice site!!! with good pictures and layout, from a technical perspective the framework could be more worked out but the graphics are not bat at all!!!
cheers Richard

Name: Erik     Date: 1 March 2002, Time: 21:14

Message: Hi Mars, Indeed: a very nice website. Didn't know that you gave real performances. Up to now I thought it was just a big hobby. I hope to see some of your tricks on Saturday. Maybe take the camera with me for a few nice photos and/or movies.
Regards, Erik

Name: Alex     Date: 26 February 2002, Time: 17:41

Message: I see that again a lot of photos are added to the website. Good. Still nothing agreed upon juggling festival. Tomorrow we should start arranging some things.
Regards !

Name: Floor Naaijkens     Date: 25 February 2002, Time: 22:11

Message: Nice website. I didn't know that you are so deep in it. There is no way back now baby!

Name: Rein:     Date: 24 February 2002, Time: 12:13

Message: Good news, a link to the Amazing Marcel-homepage is added on !!! 1 of the best visited juggling sites in the Netherlands.

Name: Rein:     Date: 16 February 2002, Time: 13:04

Message: Do you want to make a working paper about The Amazing Marcel order now from Marcel the Amazing School package. With stories, photos and other amazing things!

Name: Rein:     Date: 16 February 2002, Time: 12:59

Message: now alex the biography is brought up to date so now you can make your examination working paper.
have fun with it

Name: Alex     Date: 14 February 2002, Time: 10:22

Message: From reliable sources I have heard that meanwhile the biography is ready. It only needs to be uploaded by the webmaster (hurry on Rein !!!). Maybe a subject links can be added, for all faithful guestbook-visitors with a own site and of course the site from the jongleergroep Tilburg that is in the making. How about the organisation from the Tilburgs juggling festival? Shouldn't we do that? Marcel? Rein?
Regards, Alex

Name: Soesja     Date: 12 February 2002, Time: 17:09

Message: Howj amazing people! I thought, I have a look to see if the site is already updated. I don't think so, only the guestbook... I have made a new site so have a look one time! Till 9 May!

Name: Amazing     Date: 2 February 2002, Time: 13:05

Message: after 2 hours of being away, we are back on the internet. so for all those hundreds of people who have visited the site in those 2 hours: you can now look again to the amazing marcel.

Name: The Amazing Sytse     Date: 18 January 2002, Time: 13:41

Message: Heeeyy Marcel, Nice site! it's a pity that there are only a few photos on it maybe you should add those photos we sent you then you also have some photos from yourself busy in a show on your site.

Name: Marcel     Date: 11 January 2002, Time: 20:41

Message: Hi Rein (Rein is my Webmaster), Also today I can admire my site. It is all very Amazing.
Regards, Marcel.

Name: Alex     Date: 4 January 2002, Time: 21:45

Message: Hmmmz, with that many visitors you should maybe add a commercial banner on your site Marcel, with those thousands visitors a day you make good money. Owh Rein, are there any official stats of this page? Nedstat or something?
Grtz, Alex

Name: Guido     Date: 24 December 2001, Time: 23:55

Message: Ha marcel!! How cool that you build your own site!!
Regards from Guido

Name: Amazing (Country: amazing)      Date: 11 December 2001, Time: 20:37

Message: what an amaazing site really beautiful

Name: Milan!!     Date: 25 November 2001, Time: 21:11

Message: heey marcel, your site has become very nice, I just couldn't find it, where are the links?? I want to see it for example also on circus.pagina and so on nah jah will be done later I hope see you, and greetings to marcel
regards milan

Name: Homie     Date: 21 November 2001, Time: 14:37

Message: Stop!!!! It's to Amazing!!!!!

Name: Soesja     Date: 11 November 2001, Time: 20:57

Message: Hellow amazing people! I grow slowly to a professional circus notice-board author. Discover more and more circus sites from ´friends´. Have a look at my site! Naja, cya. Owjah! Is Rein the Rein who I think he is? (That one with the djembe and the elmo)

Name: Rein     Date: 26 October 2001, Time: 18:26

Message: now now it is getting more nice all the time (the site)

Name: Alexander     Date: 19 October 2001, Time: 16:03

Message: Wow, what a great site is this. I am waiting for years on an official AMAZING MARCEL website. And what nice photos !! :)
Good work, Alex

Name: Amazing (Country: huh)     Date: 15 October 2001, Time: 19:35

Message: Yeeeess it is working now I hope that someone will put something in it or so.

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